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Equipment financing or machinery loans would help you buy new or upgrade equipment for your business purposes easily, providing everything that’s necessary for your business growth. Get a business loan of up to Rs.5 Lakh for equipment purchase, necessary for facility development, recasting existing plants and new  projects. We understand the importance of financing in the success of a business. Hedge Finance will partner with you in evaluating capital expenditure, working capital, business expansion and design a customized solution that’s ideal for you. For whom Equipment Finance is best suited for Self-employed individuals, Proprietors, Private Limited Companies, and Partnership firms and those working in manufacturing, trading, or services.


Loan against securities(LAS) is an ideal way to get liquidity without actually liquidating them. It helps to keep the portfolio intact and getting the benefit of getting cash against it for any purpose. INSTANT LIQUIDITY Loan against Securities (LAS) is getting instant liquidity from your investment without selling them. All you have to do is pledge your securities in favour of Hedge Finance Limited, This enables you to enjoy all corporate benefits accrued on your securities and still avail loan against them. No EMI or prepayment charges applicable. Interest will be charged only on the actual amount and that too for the time it is utilized. Pay Interest charged only on outstanding amount and only for utilized amount Competitive interest rates Enjoy all corporate benefits like bonus, dividends etc. accrued on your securities Simple and Quick loan processing Exhaustive list of approved securities


Nowadays, it is quite difficult to raise a big amount of money suddenly for an emergency, either because we don’t have sufficient cash in hand or because it is blocked in some investments or other assets. Personal Loans are the immediate relief for those who need immediate liquidity. Personal loans are those loans taken for Private Reasons and Requirements. It could be for marriage or other functions, vacation, medical emergencies or any other reasons related to the person. A personal loan is similar to instant cash one gets after his income is evaluated.  The individual who takes a loan can be salaried, businessman or any other person who has a regular income. Just follow the simple steps in the application process and submit basic documents required to avail your loan.


Interest RateStarting from 11% per annum
Gold purity requiredMinimum 18%
 Processing fee Nil
Other charges Nil
Prepayment chargesNil
Repayment tenure
7 days to 12 months
Pre-closure charges Minimum 7 days’ interest

Main Advantages of Hedge Finance Gold Loans

1.                Low rate of interest

2.                Instant processing and disbursal

3.                Your Gold is safe and secured in a Hedge Finance locker

4.                You can use the gold loan money for any personal purpose

5.                Less documentation only, No CIBIL score

6.                No processing fees / hidden charges

7.                Bad credit history, not an issue

8.                Instant Processing and Disbursal


Buying a car should always be a memorable experience. Choose the right car you can afford, that meets your requirements, and drive it happily. Hedge Finance Ltd introduces vehicle loans for new & pre-used cars and commercial vehicles, turning your dream into reality. With simple steps, you can now easily own your dream vehicle that you have always cherished with the good features! Hedge Vehicle Finance offers you faster processing, making it possible to own a wide range of certified new/pre-owned vehicles quite conveniently.


Loans against property are secured-term-loans, secured by the mortgage of a residential or commercial landed property. The end-use of this loan should be towards any declared legal purpose. Hedge Finance offers Property Loan with attractive benefits that help borrowers meet their high-end expenses with ease. A few benefits are Lower EMIs and interest rates when you opt for long repayment tenure. This loan can be availed for business needs against existing property by mortgaging a residential, commercial or industrial property. The other features are-Simple documentation, fast processing and Easy repayment option


MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), also known as SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) are loans that are offered to businesses falling under these two categories. Generally, these loans are given to start-up owners, small business owners and women entrepreneurs on a short-term basis. The duration of these loans varies as per the amount and minimum eligibility criteria. Availing an MSME loan is simple and hassle free. It takes very less time to disburse the loan amount with minimum documentation and even the processing time is very short! Purpose MSME Loans can help you in building or replenishing inventory, purchasing equipment/ machinery, business expansion, new ventures etc. For whom MSME Loans are ideal for Self-employed Individuals, Proprietary concerns, Private Limited Companies and Partnership firms, also those engaged in manufacturing, trading, and activities.


Hedge Finance Ltd. previously collaborated with Camdon Town Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to offer consumer durable loans and personal loans through their lending platform, Zestmoney.